20 Years Fraunhofer-Institut

We were thrilled by the organization – from the preparation and the perfomance to the post-processing! It perfect! The execution of the event was excellent and highly professional! You were vital in making sure our guests had could enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere! The food was terrific, the wine was tasty, and the service was friendly and humorous. By the way, this is the opinion of the administration of my institute. In particular, I would like to thank Ms. Wollf, who was an excellent contact person and never lost her patience with me.

Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials, Halle


lamb’s lettuce / grilled bacon / croûtons / raspberry vinaigrette
orzo / grilled vegetables / sheep milk cheese
fennel salad / olive / mint

tuscan chicken breast / rosemary / vegetable medley / rice
hoki filet / carrot with savoy cabbage / herb-roasted potatoes
zucchini / herb sauce / potato gratin
buckwheat patty / carrot turnip-cabbage ragout

mocha mousse / butter streusel
fruit salad / vanilla foam
cashew crème brûlée / whole cane sugar