Dear Kerstin and Nadine,

many thanks for your professional service at the Zukunftskongress (Congress for the Future). As always, working with you was a great pleasure.

Kind Regards and have a nice weekend,
Susanna Heinicke, insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH

rocket salad / mozzarella / cherry tomatoes
autumn vegetables / bean sprout / balsamic vinaigrette
cucumber salad / dill / yogurt
shepherd’s salad / olives / sheep milk cheese
glass noodle salad / chicken / nuts
chickpea salad / coriander / turmeric
red lentil salad / sheep milk cheese
couscous salad / mint / olive
light-green potato salad / spring onions
pork ragout / wild mushroom sauce / butter spätzle
pot au feu / beef / vegetable medley / potato gratin
red thai curry / chicken / vegetable / steamed rice
saltimbocca rolls / turkey / marsala mushroom sauce / rosemary potato gratin
pikeperch / carrot with savoy cabbage / herb-roasted potatoes spined loach / spinach leaves / tarragon sauce / vegetable rice pilaf
cannelloni / ricotta / spinach  / aromatic tomato sauce
sicilian-style sauteed vegetables / broccoli / olives  / sun-dried tomatoes
grandma’s “goulash” / bell pepper / mushrooms
szechuan seitan / sauteed vegetables
falafel / rosemary potatoes / tomato-red pepper dip

almond panna cotta / mango puree
red berry compote  / vanilla sauce
bavarian crème / raspberry puree
lemon yogurt mousse
double chocolate mousse
tartlet / wild berries