And again we are very happy and satisfied that we did choose Lebenswelten catering & events for our celebration.

Our anniversary celebration was a great success and met to 100% our expectations. The location, the food, the music, the presentation and the entertainment were perfectly harmonised. It was a successful event and all of our employees had a great evening. There was delicious eating and the band & the DJ guaranteed a full dance floor from beginning to end with lots of fun. Even in run-up of the event and during the planning phase, all of our spontaneous changes and special requests were considered and implemented as we wanted.

In short, we are always very satisfied.

See you!

16_elkotec GmbH


Potato pancakes / smoked salmon
Stuffed eggs / Keta caviar
Colorful chicken skewer / letscho
Scampi skewer / potato spaghetti / salsa

Swabian potato salad / herbs
Orzo pasta salad / grilled vegetables
Caesar salad / parmesan chips crab cocktail in martini glass

saddle of veal / pesto coat
roast beef / rosemary
salmon / horseradish
colorful wok vegetables
green bean kernels / cream
Bamberger croissant potato tart

Caribbean Mousse Dom on Blue Curacao
Tarte au citron
Chocolate soufflé with a liquid core