Dear Ms. von Festenberg, Ms. Nehls and the entire Lebenswelten team,

BDBOS’ 10-year anniversary was jut a few days ago, but the cheer and excitement still echoes until this day. Without exception, we only received positive and satisfied feedback from all of our guests and coworkers. We’d like to use this e-mail to express our gratitude and let you know that we were excited about our collaboration from our very first meeting all the way through until the celebration. The easy-going and very constructive conversations and plans leading up to the event gave us a good feeling from the get-go.

On the day of the celebration, however, the performance of the entire catering team exceeded all of our expectations once again. From excellent service during the celebration to the friendliness and helpfulness of each individual staff member, as well as the dynamic, creative atmosphere, which emanated from each and every person on your team: our expectations were exceeded on many levels and the dishes were a culinary delight. Thank you! We wish you all the best both personally and professionally.

Kind Regards,
Tanja Herbst and Holger Behnisch, Federal Agency for Public Safety and Digital Radio (BDBOS)

Our services

After the official ceremony, we offered over 600 guests a double-sided buffet in the columned hall at Berlin’s Rotes Rathaus. We presented the guests with Berliner Bulletten, or pan-fried meatballs, with Leipziger Allerlei and buckwheat patties served on a carrot-turnip cabbage ragout in small bowls. We took drink orders from behind three different bars.