Good evening Mrs. Hädrich,

Everything went swimmingly and we received a lot of praise for the great food. I have to stress again how pleasant it was to work with you and Nadine on-site. As you can imagine, I was really quite nervous and stressed out that evening since it was my first large event. However, I quickly realized that the catering was in very capable hands and that I could concentrate fully on my other tasks with a clear conscience. Accordingly, you will find the completed feedback form in the attachment, where I naturally gave you the highest possible marks.

You can rest assured that I will be recommending Lebenswelten to the next DPWK team.

Yours sincerely, Kai Köster, DPWK Team 2019

What we accomplished:

We served the 500 guests delicious finger food, stuffed crêpes rolls, summery salads and fruity desserts at the various buffet stations as well as directly to the guests wherever they happened to be standing, what we like to call our “flying service.”