Philosophy and Values

We are dedicated to our guests and customers and consistently deliver the utmost quality, service, professional consultation and support. We combine solid handcraft with creativity and innovation and ensure the delivery of exciting concepts, diversified flavors, and a unique presentation. No matter the situation, we will provide you with a solution and a smile.


Our Values

For over 30 years, we have been making Berlin a more inclusive place by facilitating cooperation between individuals with and without disabilities. We are aware of the different abilities and limitations of this unique set-up and take these into account for matters regarding both quality standards and our customer focus.

Customer Focus

The needs and demands of our customers play a fundamental role in determining our actions. We always aim to put ourselves in the positions of our customers in order to conceptualize and implement projects as successfully as possible. In all of our departments, our project managers are communicative, goal-oriented, open, and passionate about their work.


For our teams, the main focus is to create a friendly atmosphere that is shaped by mutual respect, trust, and support. We always make sure to incorporate passion and enthusiasm into our shared goals: successful events, happy guests, and satisfied customers.


The basis for our success is the high quality of our products and services. Our decades of experience as a culinary and event service provider as well as our high quality standards distinguish us. And we want to constantly improve.


We are inspired by cultural and artistic themes and are always on a culinary discovery tour. Creativity and imagination, an artistic view of our product and vision, and an orientation towards design are our guiding principles.


Common goals are achieved through teamwork. Everyone plays a part and celebrates the success of the team. We promote the individual development of each individual and team.


Training is a social and entrepreneurial responsibility. We pass on our knowledge and experience through training and through knowledge transfer within the company..


Growth is part of our strategy. We aim for growth that is sustainable, continuous, and that maintains our high quality standards. This allows us to continue pursuing our entrepreneurial success while also creating new jobs and trainee positions.


Market and customer demands are constantly changing. We make sure to adapt and reinvent ourselves if necessary and responsibly approach new opportunities and risks.